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I’m feeling inspired this morning after meeting with jewelry industry supplier, Stuller Inc. The brand stragagist and their writer and researcher, Karen and Josh, came to the shop today to discuss what their clients need and want. Stuller, for those of you who don’t know is a trade supplier of metals and tools and so much more. I had tons to tell them about Everling’s sustainability standards, why we should all be making huge leaps in changing the industry, and ideals in ethical sourcing. And the best part is that they seemed to be listening. They are on a journey to talk with many more small jewelry stores like Everling during their travels, and I am hopeful that we will be seeing some big changes in the near future from the supply giant!!!

As it stands, we at Everling source all of our metal from Hoover and Strong. This is a company that has long been committed to recycling and ethical sourcing. And while that consistent commitment to the environment deserves loyalty, we can’t ignore that industry-wide changes need to happen. We all need to be on board to make this shift happened and I support any company making big changes that benefit the common good of people, animals, and our environment.

I will say in closing, these changes happen when you the consumer demand them. Keep demanding and refusing to settle for products that don’t benefit the greater good. Here’s to you, the consumer who cares about how goods are sourced and manufactured!

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