April 14th, 2018- Technical Drafting

Drafting sketch of the side face of a ring

A group drawing class geared toward jewelry designers and visual communication.

Do you ever feel like you are are speaking a different language when talking through your design ideas with a CAD modeler or Jeweler? Join us at the Everling Jewelry studio while we work on hand drafting skills that communicate our ideas to our CAD modelers, jewelers, and ultimately our clients. Adrienne Krieger has been working as a designer, CAD modeler and jeweler for the past 12 years and will be walking you through the steps toward quality drafting skills which goes hand in hand with what your CAD modeler needs to know about your design, and how your jeweler will interpret your sketch. We will be working and learning the skills of drafting using pencils, rulers, triangles, and templates. There will be a drafting kit valued at $35 provided to each student in this class. This class will focus on the top, front and side views of a drafted sketch.
You can register at www.womensjewelryassociation.com - There are just a couple spots left!
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