Jewelry Care Part 1: Your Jewelry is Dirty!

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Dirt collection under a diamond in an engagement ring.

The stuff that collects under a diamond and inside a ring.

Do you wear your wedding ring all the time? Maybe even boasting, "I never take it off" Perhaps you still see a sparkly diamond from the top, but this is what I see under my microscope from below. Are you grossed out yet? That "stuff" under this diamond is a collection of skin, dirt, and lint bound together by dried up lotion and soap. When I put a piece of jewelry like this in the cleaner, I can smell the product fragrance and perfumes coming off the ring. Yikes!

What can you do about it? Have a jeweler regularly inspect your jewelry every 6 months. They will check your jewelry for signs of wear, polish the metal, and use an industrial grade ultrasonic to shake the grit and hardened goo from your ring. This is something Everling offers all of our clients! It only takes a minute to set up the appointment and 10 minutes while your jewelry is professionally cleaned. What are you waiting for?


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