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Gratitude 6 Mindfulness Economy

It doesn't happen very often that I read something so inspiring that I feel compelled to share or repost it. But when my friend, Lena D. Meyer, a coach and the owner of Gratitude6, posted a blog entry about the mindfulness economy, I thought was so powerful, I had to share! On her website, gratiude6.com, she talks about 10 ways that the economy is shifting toward more conscious business practices and thoughtful purchasing.

Sometimes it is easy for me to lose perspective as a busy business owner and designer. I have high sustainability values and sometimes wonder if my message is reaching anyone. This article by Lena rejuvenated my belief that people care, they are paying attention, and that if we keep working together, we can make a difference.

Companies like Everling can only grow our message and make a bigger impact in the supply chain when consumers consciously choose to purchase products like ours for the recycled metal, ethical gemstone sourcing, and local manufacturing we provide. We appreciate each and every person out there who chooses to shop locally and sustainably. 

*If you are interested in putting your own positive vision into motion, you can contact Lena here.

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