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Family selfie

*Family Selfie!

As some of our current clients are aware, I recently had a baby. This is kiddo number two for our family, and he was born during our busiest season yet. I feel absolutely blessed by my family and all the support we have received! I have been absolutely shocked by the excitement and understanding from our new and current clients, alike, as projects take longer than normal to complete. So for that, Thank You! 

Beyond the exciting news of welcoming a baby into the world, I want to also say a little bit on the subject of being a business owner and a mom in a country where maternity leave is the exception instead of the rule. 

Looking back, I used to believe that maternity leave was self-indulgent. And in my most ambitious and ignorant moments with my first child, a sign of weakness. Maternity leave was for the woman who couldn't do it all. But as motherhood has more lessons than I can count, I quickly realized that those first couple months with a new baby were not only about bonding and adjusting to a new role, but also about healing your own body. Pregnancy is a marathon of endurance, hormone changes, labor pain, postpartum healing, and eventually sleep deprivation. And what I learned is that it is nearly impossible to care for another human if you haven't taken any time to heal and care for yourself. For all the women I acted indifferently to as their lives evolved to embrace new life, I am sorry. And to the women who come after me, I hope to help be part of the change to make maternity leave a reality for all. 

I write this as a woman, a business owner, a mother of two, and person with a strong commitment to the environment and my local community. And what I have to say goes beyond the sustainability practices of manufacturing jewelry. Because even more importantly than that, is how we treat people. What I have come to realize is that just one small part of looking out for those in our community means equal access to maternity leave and child care. For women, this would mean more access to being able to take higher level, higher paying jobs and/or more ability to own and run businesses with a positive impact. Just this one small shift could have a huge and lasting ripple effect for the good of our communities, economy and environment. 

There is a lot going on politically right now, and I hope that this is one piece we are able to work out (along side so many other issues) for a more holistic approach to community, care, and balance. 

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