Re-Love Your Broken Chains

Old Chain, New Look

Apogee necklace make from a re-purposed chain and onyx beads.

What do you do when your clasp breaks on one of your gold chains? Shove it to the back of your jewelry box? Stick it in a baggy with your other chains that are knotted or that broke a quarter of the way down?

We have a solution for many of your chain woes: Our Apogee necklaces!

We can take the functioning section of your chain, add a shape of your choosing to each side, and on the other half of the necklace, add precious or semi-precious gems. The result is a fun new necklace that moves and rotates with wear to show different angles of the chain and stones.

The necklace shown Here is made from a reclaimed broken chain, recycled gold for the circles, and onyx beads. We currently have onyx, opal, and citrine Apogee necklaces in stock, so if you love the idea, but don’t have a way to supply your own chain, we have options you can choose from on our Shop page.

To learn more or have us take a look at your broken chains to see what is possible, please email us to set up an appointment through the Contact page.

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