Ruby, The Gemstone of Love

Red Gems

6 re-purposed rubies set in recycled white gold with a halo of Canadian sourced diamonds.

Red is in the Air!

Many new engagements happen on Valentine’s Day- as do many first kisses, first dates, and first courageous leaps towards love! While Amethyst is the official birthstone for the month of February, we consider this month to be the month of the ruby. Rubies have been regarded as the king of gems for thousands of years. People from all over the world have praised ruby for its alleged abilities to restore youth and vitality, and of course, as symbol of passionate love. Ruby, like a traditional bouquet of red roses, is the perfect gemstone to express devotion and desire between two people in love. Or perhaps ruby is just a great way to express love and devotion to this beautiful color of red!

It turns out that this king of gems is an incredibly rare gemstone to find in a fine quality. Burmese rubies are believed to be the most beautiful because of their unique color, superior luster, and clarity. But because of this, they are quite the high-ticket item. So much so, in fact, that when a ruby of superior quality is found, it is likely to be more expensive than a diamond of similar size and overall quality. Most fine rubies seen on the market today are between 1 and 3 carats in size. Anything above that will likely end up in the hands of collectors.

Some rubies on the market are now being filled with leaded glass as a way to enhance clarity, giving the stone a more transparent look. Large quantities of these lead-glass filled rubies began showing up in 2004 and are now common in the marketplace. This is an enhancement that can structurally compromise the gemstone, especially when repair work is done on the jewelry it is set in. While talking about glass filled rubies, it is important to note that there is a difference between heat treatment and glass filling. Heat is a common treatment that enhances color but that doesn’t structurally alter or compromise a gemstone. This is because no foreign material has been introduced to the gem. If you are interested in a ruby and don’t like the the price tag or the potential for conflict surrounding that stone, an alternative is a lab created ruby. These rubies are the same corundum material as a natural ruby, but created inside a lab with more perfect conditions than nature has to offer. These lab created rubies tend to be brilliant and consistent in color and of great clarity.

Whether you are looking for a natural ruby or a synthetic, there is no doubt this is a gorgeous gemstone! You might be considering this stone for a valentine’s day gift, an engagement ring, or perhaps for a little self love and self indulgence. Whatever the reason, this amazing color will make any piece of jewelry sparkle and shine with brilliance and depth. If you are looking for ideas for an alternative-style engagement ring, keep this alluring gemstone in mind. No matter what the piece of jewelry, we would love to help in any way we can to find the perfect gemstone (even if it isn’t a ruby) and make your jewelry dreams a reality.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Everling Team!



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