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Vintage jewelry up-cycled into a pushpin.

Up-cycled vintage jewelry into pushpins

At Everling, we do a ton of up-cycyling with our client's jewelry! We help our client's sort though their jewelry junk pile to separate the gold and diamonds (and other usable materials) from those that are not. This way, our client's are able to make informed choices about what is reusable in a new, custom jewelry design. Our Jewelry Portfolio is filled with these items that are made using up-cycled diamonds, gemstones, and gold!

Usually after this process, though, there are some costume jewelry left-overs that we are unable to work with, but are still reusable in many ways. In the spirit of up-cycling, here are some ideas for your leftover costume jewelry pieces:

A Repurposed Life has a great solution for vintage custom jewelry push pins! These are a great idea if you want to add a little bling to your cork board. 

Along these same lines, you can also turn these sparkling oldies into blingy refrigerator magnets. You can check out how on Live Love DIY's blog page. I also think these make great little house warming trinkets to add to a gift basket, or for kids to give as holiday gifts. 

Would you rather dive into your own jewelry making project? Hello Hydrangea has a great post about making a bracelet from old costume jewelry. I love this one because it almost feels like a wrist corsage, but way cooler and longer lasting.

Don't need a project, but would rather give your items to a worthy cause? Donate to the Seattle Metals Guild Women's Shelter Jewelry Program. For years the Seattle Metals Guild has been collecting costume jewelry and cleaning, repairing, and sorting it. This is a vital program, as many women who seek shelter show up with only the clothes they are wearing. This gives these women a way to show up to work or to interviews looking and feeling more polished. 

Speaking of donating, the Ruby Room is another great place to give your good condition costume jewelry to. This non profit focuses on finding formal wear for youth that might not have access to fund that would allow someone to go to the prom or homecoming. This is such a special cause that makes it possible for young ladies to work with a personal stylist and attend their special events. 

If you have more ways that your are up-cycling your costume jewelry left-overs, please let us, and our readers know in the comments!

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