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Recycled 14k Rose Gold with an oval center morganite and Canadian sourced diamonds on each side.

Meet Sophia- a ring we recently finished! This beauty is make from recycled 14k rose gold, Canadian sourced diamonds, and a pink Beryl center stone (also known as Morganite). This ring is currently available for purchase on our Shop page or at our Seattle studio location. Please Contact us to learn more!

In addition to being forever excited about clean and classic design, we are also geeks for science of jewelry. Just incase you are too, here are some fun facts about Beryl and Morganite…

Varieties of Beryl that you might already be familiar with include Emerald and Aquamarine. What causes the difference in color within beryl are trace elements in the gem material such as chromium, as seen in Emerald, or iron, as seen in Aquamarine. In Morganite, the trace element that gives it its peach or pink color is manganese, although some specimens have traces of cesium and lithium as well.

Since its discovery in 1910, Morganite has slowly made its way into the jewelry market. It has not been as heavily sought after as Emerald in the last several decades, thus making this gem fairly new to the market. We want our clients to see the beauty, rarity, and uniqueness of gemstones like Morganite and hope you find this material to be as interesting and beautiful as we do.

Look for this ring's debut in Seattle Bride’s 2018 Spring edition!

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