What is Green Gold?

You have heard of gold or yellow gold. You have probably heard of white gold and rose gold, but we have a lot of clients asking, "What is Green Gold?"


Green gold is basically a mix of gold and silver. The higher the karat, like 18k, the higher the percentage of gold. In the case of 18k, it is 75% gold plus 25% silver and other alloys to harden the metal. As the karats drop, so does the percentage of gold. The best part is that every time the percentage drops, the color changes. So 10k green gold looks very minty and very pale whereas 18k looks more limey and has a higher yellow saturation. 

We love green gold for so many reasons. It's a unique option for a wedding band, but it is also the perfect balance of warm and cool tones because the mix of gold and silver. 

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