What is the cost to reset a diamond?

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How Much Will it Cost To Reset Your Diamond?

The Short Answer

$100 to $500. This cost is for the setting labor alone when resetting a diamond. It is entirely dependent on the size of your diamond, the shape, and any damage it might have. The jewelry that you set it into costs extra.

1.5ct Round brilliant cut diamond in a recycled 14k yellow gold half bezel ring

The Long Answer

Ready Made Jewelry

Of course this is going to be the least expensive option when you choose to reset your diamond. For this route, a jewelry store finds you a setting in the jewelry type of your choice (like a ring or a pendant). Usually you can choose the metal color you like best. They order in the part and set your diamond in it. In this case there is a fee for the jewelry, which will start at about $500, and the cost for setting your diamond. 

Custom Jewelry

For those of you looking for something outside of the ready made box, you will need a custom designer and manufacturer. For custom work, there will be a premium for the design time, a cost for the jewelry, and the cost to reset your diamond as mentioned above. For this option it is good to budget a minimum of $500 for the design, $1500 for the jewelry, and the aforementioned setting fee. 

Hexagon step cut diamond set in a half bezel ring

If you are interested in the Custom Design Process, please click to read more. We are here if you have any questions. Just fill out our Contact page. 


diamond half bezel recycled 14k reset reset a diamond ring yello

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