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When couples come into my shop to pick up their wedding bands they are so excited to try them on! But after a minute or two with their new rings, they very gently put them back in their respective boxes- not taking them back out until the day of the wedding. Here is what I tell them. “You might want to practice putting each others bands on before the big day.” Most people don’t think about it, but wedding days are typically hot and stressful, and those two factors weigh in heavily for the swelling of your hands, and thus, ring size. Here is how you can plan your “with these rings” moment, that moment your audience, I’m mean guests, are so happily anticipating.

1. Stay cool. It might be easier said than done, but keeping your body cool will keep your hands on the smaller side. (I know it is difficult for those in Seattle, but find some air conditioning!) This brings me to my next point.

2. Drink water. Not only should you drink a lot of water the day of (or something with good electrolites like coconut water) but this also means avoiding salt and alcohol. I’m not just talking day of. If you have bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and so on within a couple days of your wedding day, go easy on the salty foods and alcohol. Or at least be drinking enough water in conjunction to counter the swelling they will cause.

3. Practice. Practice putting each other’s rings on before the ceremony -maybe at a few different times of day, as your ring size can fluctuate.. A ring typically fits snug enough that it might take a little more of a push to get over the knuckle. So, practice as you approach your wedding day. Anything you practice before the big day will help eliminate that anxiety before your wedding- ring exchange included.

4. Stop. Even if the rings are going on easily in the comfort of your living room, the maneuver I am about to describe might be a technique you want to practice. With heat, nervousness, and swelling, you don’t want to be surprised when it comes time to put your rings on in front of your wedding guests. Practice placing the ring on your partners finger as far as it will go. Usually the knuckle is your biggest stopping point. Partner- lower your hand discreetly, pop the ring over the knuckle to the back of your finger. Continue on as though it was nothing. It might sound simple, but to make it look smooth, it takes practice!

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