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Recycled 14 Rose Gold Pendant with Double Sided Rhodolite Garnet and Recycled diamonds.
Recycled 14 Rose Gold Pendant with Double Sided Rhodolite Garnet and Recycled diamonds.
3.52ct double side rose cut garnet from Kenya.
Full bloom dahlia in front of the Everling Studio

Dahlia: Made to Order


This 3.52ct double sided rose cut Rhodolite garnet is set in six prongs and is identical and visible from both sides of the pendant. The pendant has a halo of (32) 1mm pave set recycled round diamonds all the way around the side bezel wall. It is made out of 14k rose gold with a polished finish and hangs from a 30" chain. 

Designed by Adrienne Krieger and Handmade in Seattle, WA.


A note from the designer:

Fall has always been my favorite season- the rich and changing colors, the cool nights, scarves and boots, the crunch of leaves, hot chocolate, and the color... Red!

Yet my favorite thing, about fall, has always been the deep red tones of the changing trees, the ivy climbing on buildings, and more than anything, the dahlias. Having spent my early years in Colorado, I had been unaware of their existence until I moved to Seattle. Dahlias are an absolutely gorgeous fall flower that come in a range of colors. The photo you see here was actually taken at the front of our studio, in our garden. Each day we watch as the burgundy colored dahlias darken each day. 

FYI For those who don’t know, Pike Street Market vendors sell these by the bunch in the fall. You can also go to Volunteer park to view a huge Dahlia section in full bloom that the dahlia society plants each year.

So of course, where I saw this garnet, it made me think of my favorite flowers. 

The story of the gem:

This Rhodolite garnet was born in Kenya. Seattle local, Monica Stevenson, owner of iDazzle and ANZA Gems sourced this stone from rough on one of her first trips to Africa. She has been sourcing rough ever since and working to support the miners, their families, and their local economies as a way to bring gemstones to the jewelry trade in a holistic way. This gemstone was then cut by Beth Stier, of Michigan, into an incredible double sided gem. The cut and the color on this garnet are breathtaking and I can’t wait to see it housed in a pendant that highlights its unique features. 


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