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The Faces of Everling


Adrienne Krieger- Owner, Platinum and Goldsmith, Designer, CAD Modeler
Owner, Platinum and Goldsmith, Designer, CAD Modeler.

Hello and welcome to Everling, a name I chose as a piece of the word "Everlasting". Because, really, that is what jewelry is after it is broken into its basic components of materials and sentiment.

As for me personally, I began designing and making jewelry at Colorado State University where I received degrees in both sculpture and dance in 2006. There, I learned the basics of working with all kinds of metal from silver to steel. I began my studies focusing on fabrication, assembly, casting, soldering, welding, and forging. 

In 2006, I moved to Seattle, Washington to learn about making fine jewelry. I apprenticed at one of the country’s largest custom jewelry shops as a Platinum and Goldsmith from 2007-2014. I learned the fine detail work of setting diamonds and gems, hand fabricating filigree, micro pave, and engraving.

In addition to working with metal and gems, I also work as a CAD modeler. This is a process where the idea for a piece of jewelry is modeled as a 3D image on the computer and then printed into a wax model. It is this very wax model that gets used in the casting process and eventually becomes the finished piece.

In May of 2014, I opened Everling Jewelry. I designed this space with the intent to share the jewelry making process. I like to call the Everling studio space a "manufacturing boutique"- a place where comfort, ideas, and hand made work come together. So, if you are looking to purchase one of a kind jewelry or consult on the custom process, Everling is a great space for inspiration and imagination. 

I look forward to sharing, with you, my passion for designing and making jewelry!



 Erika Murillo- Operations Manager, Goldsmith

 Operations Manager, Goldsmith.



Platinum and Goldsmith, Wax Carver.