The Faces of Everling


Adrienne Krieger- Everling President, Designer, CAD modeler, Platinum and Goldsmith

Owner, Platinum and Goldsmith, Designer, CAD Modeler.

Hello and welcome to Everling, a name I chose as a piece of the word "Everlasting". Because, really, that is what jewelry is after it is broken into its basic components of materials and sentiment.

In May of 2014, I opened Everling Jewelry. I designed this space with the intent to share the jewelry making process. I like to call the Everling studio space a "manufacturing boutique"- an atelier where comfort, ideas, and hand made work come together. So, if you are looking to purchase one-of-a-kind jewelry or consult on the custom process, Everling is a great space for inspiration and imagination. 

In my spare time- what little I have as a business owner and mom of two- I love drawing, cooking, dancing, and hanging out at the beach. There is nothing better than sitting in the sand on a warm Seattle summer evening, with a beer in hand watching the sunset. 

I look forward to sharing, with you, my passion for designing and making jewelry!

Publications that Adrienne Krieger and Everling Jewelry have been featured in include: Sunset Magazine, Seattle Met MagazineShowcase 500 Rings, Seattle Bride, 100 Layer Cake, and more. See our Press page for a full list. 


(photo coming soon)

Please welcome the newest member of our team! Linnea recently graduated from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in the CAD modeling program. She is working with Everling as a designer and CAD modeler. You will get to know her well as she works with each client their custom jewelry projects. 


Platinum and Goldsmith, Wax Carver.

Kyle has been working as a jeweler for over 20 years. He began an apprenticeship right out of high school at a custom jewelry shop in Woodinville, WA. He had been taking jewelry making classes within the art curriculum in school, but his on-the-job training is where he really began to refine his skills, working in gold and platinum. After 9 years, he switched to another jewelry shop where he was able to really master techniques in setting, pave, engraving, and fabrication. In 2016, he joined the Everling team with an incredible amount of experience and knowledge! 

In addition to making jewelry, Kyle has a knack for making people laugh. He always seems to be the entertainment whether is is juggling for an entire half marathon or riding a kid's bike to Portland from Seattle (the STP), or cutting apart stuffed animals and sewing them back into strange configurations. 

When you are in the Everling studio, you will know Kyle as the person sitting at the bench doing most of our fine, detailed work under a microscope.