Here is a list of some of our favorite Jewelry books. In our shop we have tons and tons of books. Once asked, "Do you actually use these or do you collect them to look pretty?" The answer was a resounding "Use them!" 

This is currently the short list, and we will have many more to come as we add to the list. Until then, please check out what is here, as metalsmithing and jewelry making is a craft that should be shared with open loving arms. 

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1000 Rings

1000 Rings Book cover

This is a must! It really kicked off the 500 series as a bible for what was happening in art jewelry in the early 2000's. There are some major designers shown in this book that got their start by submitting to this quintessential Lark Publishing ring guide. If you are stumped and need a design pick-me-up, this is a great place to start. Or if you just love interesting design, some of it completely unwearable, you will find more interesting ring in here than you could hav imagined. 


The Complete Metalsmith

The complete Metalsmith Book Cover

I think every beginning metalsmithing class might require this bench manual, but it goes much further than the basics. 15 years later, I find myself still referencing many of the temperature charts or the mechanics behind clasps, or using this as a reference for an idea for a new chain. No matter where you are in jewelry making, this reference guide keeps on giving. 


Jewellery: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing

Jewellry: The fundamentals of Metalsmithing
Another Tim McCreight book, this jewelry making guide goes deeper that the complete metalsmith and dives into projects and more how to's. As you advance in your metalsmithing craft, I recommend this book as a way to get more practical practice in a step by step how to. 


Profiting by Design

Profiting by Design Book Cover
Marlene Richie is a leader and incredibly active in the jewelry industry as a mentor. Her book, Profiting by Design is a must read for those hoping to launch a jewelry line. Really any industry that you make something that you wholesale to other shops can benefit. Not a maker, but a retailer, this book still has great information that you will want when working with artists. 


Showcase 500 Rings

Showcase 500 Rings Book Cover
I might have a bias for this book, as it is one of the Lark books that I (Adrienne) have work published in. This book is the 10 year follow up to 1000 rings, it's mega-hit of an older sibling. This is a great way to see what was happing a decade later, and I am hopeful that they will follow up with another 10 year anniversary book in the near future.