Design Accents


Texture is made of marks in the metal and shouldn't be confused with finish. Finish is a surface treatment that gives the metal a polished or matte look. Texture, on the other hand, is more permanent in its mark. There are so many to choose from and many more to discover.


Also known as micro-pave, pave is a way of setting tiny diamonds side-by-side or in clusters to give a piece of jewelry a sparkly, textured look. This sparkle is partly the diamonds, but it is also from the way the metal is cut away around the stones that adds to the shine. These diamonds are ethically sourced from Canada or re-purposed and re-cut from estate jewelry. 


This is a technique where very tiny curls of metal are formed out of wire and then soldered into place, usually in an open panel.


Usually this is the final embellishment that is added to a piece of jewelry. This is a process involves cutting away metal with extremely sharp tools. Traditionally, engraving is done using a lot of scroll and leaf patterns, but we like to mix it up with more modern engraving styles as well. This is the best way to achieve a picture or a pattern in the metal. 


This is the perfect technique if you are looking to add a message to the inside of your ring or the back of a pendant. All of our letter engraving, also known as "inside engraving" is done by hand in a script font style.