Many of our colorless diamonds are ethically sourced and come from either Canada or are recycled/re-purposed. While the U.S. enforces a conflict free trade of diamonds, we like to take that practice one step further so that we are, not only conscious of the politics behind diamond mining, but the environment as well. Because of this, sometimes finding a specific shape and size can be difficult. Below is a list of colorless diamond shapes we are able to easily access. 

Diamond Shapes Available


We offer a variety of ethically sourced gemstones. In most cases, we provide the country of origin. Going further than that, we also do our best to know the mine, know the cutter, or whatever other information we can provide about a gemstone. We work with several local suppliers (to minimize the environmental impact of shipping) whose main purpose is the ethical sourcing of gemstones. We also believe in the best case scenario, is using re-purposed gems, for a more sustainable approach when we can find them. We offer a wide variety of gems like sapphires, spinel, tourmaline, and opal to name a few. We will help you find the best source for your dream gem. 


At Everling, the gold is the rainbow!

We believe that each and every color of metal we offer serves to enhance your design and fit your personality. We will guide you through the metal color choices listed here, how they will wear over time, and how to pick a color that is perfect for you and the design of your jewelry.

And lastly, we believe jewelry should not only be well designed and well made, but that the earth and environment deserve the same care. To keep our jewelry sustainable and our planet beautiful, all of our precious metal options are SCS certified recycled. 

Metal color options