Using Your Own Materials

"... My husband passed away several years ago and I was trying to figure out what to do with our wedding bands. I had no idea what I wanted, and Adrienne thoughtfully designed a beautiful custom necklace. It was amazing to see her creativity flow as she showed me some options for how to incorporate the ... bands into a piece of jewelry... She was excellent at communicating with me throughout the entire process. I am extremely happy with the necklace and couldn't recommend her highly enough." -Sarah B.

Reusing Gold, Diamonds, and Gems

The most sustainable thing any of us can do is to use what we already have. And there isn't much out in the world that is more reusable, up-cylcleable, and recyclable than jewelry. 

Precious Metal

For those of you that have your own metal to use, we will look at it to make sure that it is a viable option for casting. If so, we will use it in the casting of your new jewelry. While looking at the metal, we will also test it to find out what karat it is. This is a great option for those of you with any color (yellow, rose, white, green) gold. 

If your gold does not qualify as a good option, or if you have palladium or platinum, we will weigh your metal, and let you know what we can offer as a trade in amount toward the cost of your custom design. 

Diamonds and Gemstones

If you have your own diamonds and/or gemstones, you can also bring these to your design appointment for us to look at. We will look at them under a microscope, again to make sure that it is possible to reset them in something new. 

We do not have a certified gemologist on staff, so if you need a stone identification, you will need to go to a jewelry appraiser. 

We love working with the materials you already have, and Adrienne has specialized in this specific type of custom jewelry work for over a decade. Contact us to learn more about how we can help to use the materials you already have. 

What This Process Looks Like

Honestly, the best place to see the hundreds of pieces of jewelry we have made using client materials is Instagram. But for those that do not use this social platform, here is an image of one of our more recent redos.

We pulled the diamonds from the pile of gold that you see in the dish on the left. The client chose to scrap this metal toward the cost of the job because she does not like wearing gold. So instead, we made her this platinum pendant with the diamonds that she had from her mom and her grandma. It is something that she will not only cherish, but it is something that she will actually wear that was made in her style. 

scrap gold with ne platinum and diamond pendant