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Recycled 18K Yellow Gold and Citrine Bead Necklace.
Detail- Recycled 18K Yellow Gold and Citrine Bead Necklace.
Apogee citrine necklace on model, part of our Up-cycled collection.

Up-Cycled: Apogee- Citrine


Recycled 14K Yellow Gold and Citrine necklace. The 2mm polished finish 18K cable chain is fixed to Citrine beads strung on a silk cord. This necklace measures 44 inches in length and has no clasp. It goes easily over the head and can be worn in any direction as desired.

Designed and Handmade in Seattle, WA by Adrienne Krieger


As part of our Apogee series, this necklace was designed to freely rotate along the neckline when worn. We like to think of the way the Moon orbits the Earth, moving closer and then rotating farther away. All the while remaining in rhythmic harmony. Its warm earthy tones are perfect for every season. This necklace can be doubled over because of its length, and looks great layered!

*If interested in this item, but would like a closer in-hand experience, please Contact us so we may set up an appointment to come in and try on. We are happy to accommodate to any of your jewelry needs and desires.


This is a great idea for anyone who has broken chains or chains with broken clasps that they aren't sure what to do with. We can take your old chain and add the gemstone beads of your choice. Don't have broken chains? That is fine too. We can provide the chain as well if you are looking to customize color, metal, or length. 

Please Contact us so we can discuss making this necklace to fit your style and possibly reuse materials you already have!