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Recycled 14K Yellow Gold Bear Paw Design Stud Earrings. #studearrings #organicjewelry
Recycled 14K Yellow Gold Bear Paw Design Stud Earrings. #studearrings #organicjewelry

Bear Paw Gold


Recycled 14k yellow gold Bear Paw earring studs. These earrings are 8mm in length and have a satin finish. There is a tension back to secure the post in 14k yellow gold. 

Designed and Handmade in Seattle, WA by Adrienne Krieger.


When you see the words Bear + Paw put together you might automatically refer the animal they belong to. But these sweet little studs were cast from Cotyledon Tomentosa, a cute little succulent plant that we have growing in our studio. We are lovers of nature and the elegant and sometimes simple designs it creates. We use that admiration to inspire many of our designs. These studs will go with any outfit, and are perfect for any occasion in any type of weather. 

*If interested in this item, but would like a closer in-hand experience, please Contact us so we may set up an appointment to come in and try on. We are happy to accommodate to any of your jewelry needs and desires.


Looking for a different metal color or perhaps a bigger bear paw leaf? Contact us so we can help you find the perfect pair of earring studs!