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Recycled 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Poppy Necklace. #organicjewelry #designerjewelry
Recycled 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Poppy Necklace. #organicjewelry #designerjewelry
Poppy necklace hand made from silver and gold.

Light Trespass 05- Poppy


Recycled 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Poppy necklace. This necklace chain is split between two pieces of 1.05mm 14K yellow gold formed wire and a fixed 14K yellow gold, 1.3mm cable chain. This poppy pendant has been cast from nature after after the petals had fallen off. The top of the poppy cap was removed and used to make the hook clasp in the back. A 14k yellow gold cup sits inside the poppy pendant where the cap was removed and the gold fades down the recessed areas. The necklace is 19’’ and has a satin finish. 

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Designed and Handmade in Seattle, WA by Adrienne Krieger


Poppy flowers are well known for their production of Opium. This medicinal plant has a unique history, and we are fascinated by its dark past and its healing properties. This plant grows all over the city of Seattle and can be found randomly on walks through the neighborhoods. We have taken a small, dried poppy center and cast it in silver, turning the fascination with this plant into wearable art. 

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