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Sketch of Montana sapphire with recycled diamonds in an engagement ring.
Sketch of Montana sapphire with recycled diamonds in an engagement ring.
0.90ct Round Montana Sapphire.



This 0.90ct Montana sapphire is set in a three prong mounting. It has three recycled RBC diamonds in shared prongs offset on one side, 0.04ctw. There is a knife edge that tapers off both sides of the setting into a domed shank. This ring will be cast in recycled Platinum 950, with a polished finish in a size 6.5, unless otherwise requested at purchase.  This ring will take 4 weeks to make once it has been ordered. 

Designed by Adrienne Krieger


A Note from the Designer:

A while back, a Buddhist friend of mine told me the story behind an arrow-shaped ring he wore on his finger. The ring pointed away from his body and was a token to help him remember to always point away from self. While I have limited knowledge of Buddhism, it is my understanding that this concept has many facets. Rather than dive into all of the religious components for this one idea, I thought it would be easier to just explain how I interpreted it.

I really just thought this sounded like a beautiful metaphor for a loving relationship. In my mind, it felt like it was a reminder that in moments of strife, it is just as important to give as it is in moments of tenderness. For this reason, I chose a triangle as an ode to the arrow shape I once saw on a friend’s hand. I balanced the primary sapphire in a three-prong triangle with a smaller triangle cluster of diamonds as a way to show that what goes around comes around. And when you give, you also receive.

The Story of the Gem:

In light of #SeptemberSapphire month, we present this Designer piece, featuring a stunning unheated blue-green 0.90 carat natural sapphire, responsibly sourced directly out of Montana and cut by local lapidary artist Dan Canivet. We thought this was the perfect gem to spotlight in a Designer Original piece of jewelry!


Love this ring but you are looking for a different metal? Or perhaps you like the shape, but want it made into a pendant? We would love to work with you on how you can turn this idea into a custom design. Contact us to learn more!