Custom and One-of-a-Kind Jewelry --- Hand Made in Seattle, WA
Recycled Sterling Silver Chain & Twist Wire Dangle Earrings. #designerjewelry #ethicalfashion
Hand made silver sway earring from re-purposed chain.



Sterling silver chain and twisted wire dangle earrings. These earring measure about 2" long and have a polished finish. 

Designed and Handmade in Seattle, WA by Adrienne Krieger


Dancing, which is the movement of a body through the vastness of space, is a passion so deep it holds a key element in several of our designs. These lovely earrings sway freely with the body, maintaining constant flux based on the movement of the wearer. Whether you walk, run, jump, or dance, these earrings will flow with your rhythm.


These earrings are the perfect inspiration for using old, broken, or mismatched chain pieces you might have sitting in a drawer. Please Contact us to set up an appointment to learn more about using you old materials in something similar or starting over from scotch and using recycled metals that we supply.