Spinel, August's New Gem

Step Aside Peridot

As some of you may know, Peridot is the primary birthstone for the month of August. Sometimes confused with emerald, this yellowy-green colored gem doesn't appeal to everyone. Fortunately, what you may not know, is that an additional gemstone has recently been added for August... Spinel!

Oval Spinel set in recycled 18k Yellow gold

Juno ring currently in stock.

"What Is Spinel," You Ask

Despite having been discovered in ancient times, this incredible gem has taken the scenic route in terms of popularity. It wasn't until recent years, that its beauty and bad-ass qualities have finally been recognized, thus increasing its demand and value. Spinel comes in a wide range of colors and hues- from deep reds, to pinks, purples, blues, greys, and black- making it easy to find a color that suits most tastes. And if that’s not enough, Spinel holds a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, meaning that this gem is very durable and great for everyday wear.

Spinel's slow trek towards popularity may be owed to the fact that some of its colors have often been mistaken as ruby and sapphire, due to the deep reds, pinks, and blues it is sometimes found in. According to the Gemological Institute of America, up until the latter part of the 18th century when mineralogist Jean Baptiste Louis Rome identified Spinel as a different mineral from ruby, spinels were known and identified as "Balas rubies". (Check out GIA's website to learn more about the history of spinel- https://www.gia.edu/spinel-history-lore)

Everling's Spinel Obsession

So how has this gemstone not been praised for its unrelenting beauty and durability? This remains a mystery to us! At Everling, we are obsessed with the versatility of Spinel, and are in love with the incredible colors and hues we are able to source, usually for a fraction of the cost of rubies and sapphires. Our current obsession are Spinels that come in fascinating blends of grey tones, where you can see flashes of blue, violet, and even greens tones. Such is the case in this stunning grey spinel that we designed and made a custom engagement ring for. How could anyone go wrong with this stunning gemstone?! Contact us to find out more about the colors of spinel we have available. 

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