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Customizable Wedding Bands by Adrienne Key Studio


The Custom Jewelry Process

Whether you know exactly what you want in a custom design or are interested in exploring all possibilities, we can help. Here are some of the steps we will take in the creation of your jewelry. Some of the custom process may include:


Starting with sketches is a must to any well thought out design.  They are the starting point that the perfect design is built on.



Some projects require a CAD model, where the project is built first on a computer. If this is the case, you will get to see the image and then a 3D wax model. (For those of you that are a a little geeky like us, you can also request an STL file to open in Google and move around on the screen.)


After the CAD model is approved, we print it in a 3D wax for you to see in person or video.


This is always the best and most exciting part of any project! Good things are worth the wait. 


In some cases there won't be a CAD model and wax to see. In this case, the design will be made out of multiple components and you will get to see these parts all together before they are assembled. 


Contact us to begin your own custom design process. 


Want to see more of the work we have created for other clients? Check out our Portfolio page.