The Process Of Re-Setting a Diamond

Do you already have a diamond or gemstone?

Do you already have a diamond or gemstone? Perhaps you have an old engagement ring from a previous marriage and prefer to make it into a pendant. Or perhaps your mom or grandma left you a stone that you want to use in a new engagement ring. Whatever the reason... 

We can help!

The Design Process

We love using the diamonds and gems our client's already have in new custom designs. We want you to get the style you want, the design you want, in the metal and ring size you want. That is why each piece of jewelry is custom designed and made to fit you and your stone perfectly. To read more about how our design process works, check out our Design Process Page

For Example...

Loose Marquis diamond being reset into a new engagement ring.

This client had a Marquis diamond from their mom who had passed. It was important to be able to use this diamond in the engagement ring she was giving to her partner. The original had been set in a North/South setting, but to give this diamond in a way that was meaningful to the recipient, we chose a more modern East/West setting and kept it nice and low in the prongs.

This is an image of the ring after casting right before we started work on it. From here, we smoothed out the casting marks and set the diamond in the ring. The tools in the background are what we use to do this work. 

Next Step

We would love to talk you through the process of resetting a diamond or gemstone that you already have. This is a special service that we offer our clients and is not a service most jewelers are willing to do. We, however, love up-cycling and reusing the materials that we can and fine jewelry makes this beautifully easy. Contact us to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

Want to know what it will cost?

Check out our last blog post for all you will need to know about the Cost to Reset a Diamond or Gemstone. 



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